Then and Now where is your love?

The other day my husband Marcus was looking for pictures of himself and me so he could load them onto our website, during the process of helping him look I decided to go through our wedding album. Looking at the pictures that we took on that day I was drawn to one that showed me and him embraced in a lovingly glance. This glance was powerful and it made me think wow, look at how I am looking at my boo. What was even funnier or should I say crazier is that the set of pictures Marcus was looking at, which were from our most recent family pictures, had a picture of me looking at him with the same embracing glance. Wow I thought to myself 20+ years later and my look which expresses the way that I feel towards that man has not changed. First of all let me say that the way I feel is truly a God thing. Marcus and I have been through tough times and even today we are facing challenges that we would have never thought we would be facing at this point in our lives but what I can say without hesitation is that I truly love my husband more today than at any other time in our married lives. Praise God!

So, my question(s) that I would like to put on the table for discussion is: Do you look at your spouse today the same way you did on your wedding day? Is that look of love still there? Is that look of together we can conquer the world still on your face? Is that look of this is my baby, my boo, my … (whatever) still in your eyes when you see your partner?
Let’s talk; this question(s) is open to all, if you have been married for two weeks or 52 years let me know. If it (the look) is still there I would like to hear your advice on why it is there and how you keep it there. If it is not there I would like to hear why you think the light has gone out of your eyes, when it went out, if you think it can return and what you have tried to help it return.

Look at my ‘Then and Now’ pictures and let me know what you think. For me the look of love is in my eyes every time I see my boo. I love him with my whole being and he makes me feel special with every word that comes out of his mouth. He affirms me daily. He shares my hurts, my pains, my fears, my dreams and my imaginations. He loves me and when I look at him I soak up every ounce of love that he sends my way, that’s why I smile. I can’t help it his love is contagious.

The way I feel about Marcus is sometimes funny to me, it reminds me of the couple that we looked to early in our marriage for mentor-ship, my uncle Will and my aunt Marie. I remember how she would look at him in public, across the table at a restaurant. She would look at him like he was the only person in the room, as though no one else in the world mattered. I get it now Aunt Marie, you were right then and you are right now your man is the only one in the world that matters. So I say to everyone please work to keep that look of love in your eyes…..

Through the EYES of Glo……

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