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R.I.P. Prince - Sometimes it Snows in April - Live in Norway 2010

R.I.P. Prince - Sometimes it Snows in April - Live in Norway 2010

Always try to take control of your worth....

Thank you for the wonderful memories.. you will be missed.. #RIPPrince .. 😞💔🙏🏼
"If you don’t own your masters, your master owns you." Always try to take control of your worth. #PrinceGoneTooSoon
Thousands of years from now the world will still know that Prince was here. #prince#ripprince#icon#legend 
From Tyler Perry:
About 12 years ago, I was playing the Kodak Theater in LA. I was on my way to the theater when my phone rang. I answered and heard a voice that almost made me wreck the car. The voice said, "I hear you're doing a bit of Purple Rain in your show. Do it again and I'm going to sue you... and I need 10 tickets and I'll be there tonight.” Click. I freaked out. PRINCE HAD CALLED ME!!!

So that night I waited at the backstage door for him to arrive. I was nervous and hoping he didn't get out of the car with 9 lawyers… lol. The limo pulls up and there he was. He got out smiling and laughing. I knew then he was joking (kinda). One of the firs…

KING: NPR Music Field Recordings

Vocals + Keys = Supernatural sound!!!


On a steamy morning upstairs in a record lover’s paradise KING laid down a gorgeous version of one of the songs that lit up Twitter three years ago and put the trio on Prince’s radar. Sisters Paris and Amber Strother and partner Anita Bias couldn’t believe it when he asked to meet them, but now they think nothing of calling up the legend while they work on their first full-length album.

Everyone involved was in New Orleans to play the Essence Music Festival, which Prince headlined. But away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, out of the shadow of the Superdome, KING put on a different type of show. While customers quietly thumbed through LPs — then stopped to stare — the singers gently and precisely intertwined their three voices in service of a love song. –FRANNIE KELLEY