Can your Marriage survive an “OUT”?

While at our 16 year daughter’s softball game I started to think about the rules of engagement and what happened to the girls when the umpire called them out. In a loud voice the umpire would say “out”, “strike” or “safe”. When he uttered the word “safe” the girls would cheer with excitement. When he uttered the word “strike” you would see the girls buckle down and get focused but when the umpire would say, in most cases with force, the word ‘out’, you would see the girls countenance change. The girls wanted to win and being called out would only hamper their cause.  

With that frame of mind, I came to ponder the following two questions: When does an out really matter, and, Can your marriage survive an out?

By definition the word out means: to the end or conclusion; to a final decision or resolution: So to me the only time an out really matters in softball, is when the team you are rooting for is behind in the ninth inning and it is their last at bat. Prior to that last at bat anything is possible. Call me down, call me out, call my marriage down & out; but please understand that when I am at my last at bat, I will be swinging for the fences and if the bases are loaded everybody will be coming home. You should go in to your marriage with the train of thought that if needed this game will go into extra innings. Do not go into the marriage looking to get out. Divorce should not be the first answer to every issue within the marriage.  Before deciding to call the game; ask yourself some questions.

Start by asking the ones below.             

In my relationship or marriage what constitutes an out? Does lying constitute an out? Does infidelity constitute an out? Does lack of money constitute an out? What would cause you to declare an out in your relationship? How many outs would you take or would one out take you out of the marriage? I believe that a marriage has innings and just like in softball sometimes you may be a head and sometimes you maybe down but remember, if you and your teammate put in the needed work there will always be another at bat for you. Before the team can take the field the fundamentals must be learned, practice time put in and sacrifices made.   Winning isn’t winning if the team does not come out whole. Your marriage can survive an ‘out’ if you remember that you will get another chance at bat.

Through the eyes of Glo      

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  1. Great Post!
    I liked when you said.... "but please understand that when I am at my last at bat, I will be swinging for the fences and if the bases are loaded everybody will be coming home". That type of declarative statement is much NEEDED in the relationships in our community because it's that reservoir of sustenance when things "seem" overwhelming. When I'm at bat...everybody will be coming home.....because I'm swinging for the fences for my love.


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