Common sense isn't common....

Now, I am one who appreciates good old common sense.
I am a thinking man/husband and the truth is so simple. Common sense isn't common. That is very true in society today.

We like to complicate things. If something seems too simple,
we think it can't possibly be effective. And the pure and
simple truth is that nature has given us what we need to
keep our bodies healthy and well.

And to mutilate and destroy the body in any way under the
guise of attempting to heal it makes no sense at all. I am not a practitioner or a scientist, but I am a creature of nature, and I have learned to live according to natural laws.

First you have to decide to accept responsibility for your
health and understand that you have the authority to choose
what you are going to take into your life.

So what are the things that are going to build your health?


1. The Human Mind is Ultimately the Most Important Building
Block to Health and Well-being.

We showed earlier, using applied kinesiology, how positive
and negative thoughts can dramatically affect our muscle

We have the power to choose either positive or negative
thoughts. And energy is either positive or negative.

Not only can positive and negative thinking affect ourselves,
but it can also affect other people.

There was an experiment at the University of California at
Berkeley in which everyone in the room directed negative
thoughts toward one poor fellow.

After three or four minutes the young man started to get
agitated and after another two minutes, got up and left the

He became physically ill and threw up. We certainly did
not intend for that to happen, but it was a very powerful
lesson for all of us about the effect that our thoughts can
have on other people.

As soon as you think a negative thought about yourself or
anyone else, your energy goes from positive to negative.

We all know people we just like to be around. That
individual has positive energy.

2. Nutrition.

You are literally what you eat. In the United States and
Canada, we are suffering from malnutrition due to over

All the processed, colored, frozen, canned, freeze-dried,
irradiated, preserved, flavor-enhanced foods are killing
us all.

We need to be a little more aware of eating foods the way nature has prepared them. What we need to be eating is fresh, raw, organically-grown fruits and vegetables. (Yes - It's costly) But, we purchase and invest into other THINGS, Why? not our health?

We can get our proteins from seeds and nuts. My basis
for this statement is the chemical breakdown of nutrients.

At about 120 degrees F, the enzymes in your food break
down. Without your enzymes, you can't assimilate the
nutrients that remain in your foods. At 180 degrees F
your vitamins are pretty much destroyed.

There are still enough trace vitamins for your body to
manage to keep operating, but not enough for optimum
health. At about 220 degrees F your minerals break down.

This will vary as much as 50 degrees either way, but
anything you cook at 200 to 300 degrees is virtually
void of any live vitamins, minerals or enzymes.

Because we have become accustomed to eating so many cooked foods, our bodies have learned to glean enough to survive on. Most people today are doing just that - they are just surviving. They don't know what it is to really feel well, and I attribute a lot of that to too many cooked foods.

3. The Stress Factor.

Eliminate all stress from your life. There are a lot of things that contribute to stress: family, obligations. But actually, stress results from a situation in which we are afraid of making mistakes, afraid of being made a fool of, afraid of not being successful; and all these situations occur when we compare ourselves with others.

We need to accept ourselves as the unique individuals
that we are. Don't be afraid of making a mistake. We have
all made them, and life goes on.

And set your own priorities. A great deal of stress occurs when we try to live up to other people's expectations and other people's priorities.

We let other people set our priorities for us. Decide for
yourself what your priorities are and then live in accordance
with them. That will eliminate tremendous stress.

4. Water.

Drink good pure water and lots of it!

5. Exercise.

I am talking about working out and getting those endorphins
pumping. This eliminates stress and can also help in pain

In my case, I work out like an Olympic athlete almost, but
find what is right for you. There is a happy medium.

Walking is good for almost everyone. Swimming is wonderful for everyone. But find something that will allow you to get your heart rate up to a fairly high level for twenty minutes about three times a week.

6. Rest.

Everyone's sleep needs are different, and we need to learn
good sleep habits, but beyond that, we need to pause for
a moment every so often throughout our busy days and
visualize something lovely, and refresh ourselves mentally,
emotionally and spiritually.

7. Spirituality.

Really beautiful individuals have an aura of spirituality about them. That does not mean that they necessarily believe
what you or I believe, but they have an understanding about
where they came from and why they are here, where they
are going and how they fit into the scheme of things.

They feel that they have a purpose and something to offer
the world around them, and that feeling of self-worth is what
contributes to their beauty.

8. A Sense of Humor.

We need fun, and we know how therapeutic laughter is....

9. Sunlight.

I did some research on health problems faced by
individuals who work midnight shift and I found that they age
much more quickly because they sleep during the daylight

They don't get enough natural light. All of the glandular
systems in the body are controlled by a master gland called
the pineal gland which is stimulated by natural light.

Artificial light will not do it.

10. Breathing.

Learn how to breathe deeply and enjoy the oxygen coming in.

11. Elimination.

We take so much garbage into our systems. Do you want
to keep it or get rid of it?

Good water, good nutrition, exercise and alleviating stress
will contribute to elimination.

12. A Loving Positive Aura.

Loving acceptance of those around you, not being
judgmental of other people is so important.

13. Pray and pray some more....for "WISDOM".

Thank you for reading-


  1. Enjoyed the lastest post of commonsense that is not all that commonly exhibited amongst men. All thirteen points are essential for the developement and healthly embodiment of our being. We all, including myself can improve in the areas mentioned. Thanks for the enlightment.


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