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Wanna Be With You -- J Moss (laced w/ George Duke)

Peaceful Blessings...Enjoy Good People!

Sting - It's Probably Me (Feat. Eric Clapton)

Taken from his fourth studio album "Ten Summoner's Tales" & featuring guitar legend "Eric Clapton" this is "The Police" lead singer "Sting" (AKA Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) with "It's Probably Me".

Maysa ft. Dwele - Flower Girl


Fred Hammond's powerful testimony


This year, Sweetest Day is celebrated on Saturday, October 15, 2011...

For Healthy Marriages
Setting aside a day in early autumn to family and loved ones, romantic gift exchanges are the most typical way to celebrate Sweetest Day. Families and individuals may also “sweeten the pot” with their own special traditions with gifts of flowers, fruit bouquets, poems & e-cards:
• You admire the way the other person looks at you with love and affection.
• You love the beautiful eyes of the other person.
• You realize that how tough the life is without the other person.
• You really enjoy the company of the other person.
• You feel how important to share various aspects of life with him or her.
• You admire the fact that no matter what happens, the sweetest person of your life will always stay beside you.
• You understand that small jokes that the other person shares with you always act as fresh air in your life.
• You respect the other person as he or she is one of the best teachers in your entire life.
• You like the way he or she thinks about your very own problems.

To Forgive...To LIVE!

Dear Auntie Deborah, The Noble Peace Prize was just awarded to (3) Three Wonderful & Outstanding women of our day. I would like to add you because of the fight you fought to the List as the Fourth. You have shown us over the past 35+ years living with LUPUS,, how you can maintain both strength & faith to not just live one day at a time, but to make every hour your very best. You taught me through how you handled adversity to not allow others to turn their wrong doings towards you into hatred towards them. I learned from you that hatred will stop you from growing, loving, caring & living etc...(which does not mean that it's not going to hurt like H*ll) but, it will show that you can and will survive. You've shown that Forgiveness is the best cure for living a full/healthy life, even when you felt that the reality that you were dealt was a Bad Hand. You shared with me that God teaches us this in 2 Thess 1:5-7 NIV 5 "All this is evidence tha…

He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother!

There is a painting by an African-American artist I saw when I was younger, depicting a man reaching over a wall to help another man over to freedom. The caption under it read, “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother.” This painting was inspired by a song written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell in 1969. The first verse in the song said:
The road is long with many a winding turn that leads us to who knows were, who knows when but I’m strong enough to carry him. He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
Now, I have this same painting in my home...
In these uncertain times there are a lot of brothers and sisters down who not only need a hand out but more importantly need a hand up. Especially from those of us who are in a position to help someone out. We should help lift them up because in helping them we really help ourselves.
The Elements of Encouragement...
Dear God,
Show me how to lift up my brothers and sisters who are not heavy. Give me discernment on who …

Speak life and love...

Verbal abuse is still abuse.It’s abuse in the form of words. They still burn, sting, hurt and put us in danger. Don’t assume that a few hurtful words won’t cause them their life. Don’t assume that just because you haven’t put one finger on them, you’re not responsible for what happens after that. Mentally and emotionally, they are bruising, bleeding, suffocating. Your words have power, be careful. Speak life and love.Posted via email from Whyte23's posterous

Apple 'Crazy Ones' 2011

An updated version of Apple’s “Think Different” campaign, one of the best marketing campaigns ever.Here is to the crazy ones- Steven Paul “SteveJobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Thank God I'm Married Episode 3

This video is for anyone looking to take their Marriage or relationship to the next level. Send this video to someone who needs it! Follow ET on twitter!!/Ericthomasbtc or Facebook