Surrender or Submitting: To commit to the consideration or judgment of another...

"I" or "Me” thinking is what we as individuals bring to our relationship. It is our independent selfish way of thinking. We are not stating that it is a bad way of thinking, works ok for single life but can bring ‘issues’ to a two person relationship.

We transition from “I” to “We” by putting the needs of the relationship a head of our individual needs. Remember when the relationship wins you as an individual win.

Think about the marriage first and surrendering will become easier.

Since men and women have different needs they surrender differently. Surrendering comes from the unconditional love of each partner.
Our values and our upbringing are ours and in most cases different from our partners this is the cause of many of the struggles in the relationship. Give the relationship a set of values and make the relationship a priority and surrendering will be come natural.

That you love your partner enough to yield your “I”ndividual desires for the “We” commitment. To yield means to give up control.

Submit is a verb which means to conform to the will or judgment of another, especially out of respect or courtesy.....

Surrender is a verb which means that an action must be taken by both partners.....
To understand that Our marriage is bigger than our own individual thoughts, wishes and desires.

Because together “We” can achieve More of....
Our hopes
Our dreams
Our desires

WE can GROW twice as big together than we can grow alone.

Thank you for reading ....One Love!

Marcus n Gloria

For Healthy Marrriage:

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