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"The Healing Power of Exercise."

Exercising to help the pain - that doesn't just work for a hurting back. It works for a hurting heart. This could be a stretch of your life that's particularly painful. You're hurting from a tragedy, a broken relationship, maybe financial struggles, medical battles, some new wounds, or some old wounds. And just like me with an aching back, you're seeking some comfort. But just like me, you might find it, not by trying to get comfortable, but by going out and exercising spiritually.

Here's the prescription. It's from our word for today from the Word of God in Proverbs 11:25 . "A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Now, God says something refreshing happens to your spirit when you reach out to refresh others. And that's the kind of exercise that helps a hurting heart - doing something for someone else who's in need.

Is that what you feel like doing? No way. When you're hurting, you feel like withdra…

22 Years of Marriage..."To The Same Woman!"

Happy 22nd Marriage Anniversary to the sexiest woman on this here Earth!

My "Queen Gloria"....25 years ago I saw this lady sitting over in a corner minding her own business in a rehearsal gospel singing group name "Essence of Christ Singers". I asked another member of the group who was that over in the corner What is her name? The next words out of my mouth was that is my future wife. There was a six years different in age, which was a concern for her and her family for that matter. Of course, a younger man older lady she thought I was a young guy playing games I can understand that thinking look back at it now telling someone you just met that they were your wife. As confident and talented that I was...I'm afraid to share that I chased her around for three years showing her that I was and still on point to win her love for me just,like the first time I laid eyes on her(corny but true). Ok, you want to know what I said to her to win the Gift o…

Power of Music...For Those Who Love the Low End from a Bassist

Music, as an art form, moves man to delight in the emotions and passions which the music evokes. The repeated listening to a certain kind of music becomes habitual in the strictest sense of the word: the emotions clothe themselves with a habit, either a virtue or a vice, according to the quality of the music one habitually listens to. In this regard Aristotle wrote: ". . . emotions of any kind are produced by melody and rhythm; therefore by music a man becomes accustomed to feeling the right emotions; music has thus the power to form character, and various kinds of music based on the various modes, may be distinguished by their effects on character — Music can imitate a reasonable, ordered, honorable, virtuous emotion, in which case music helps dispose man to the virtuous and honorable ordering of his life. However, music can also imitate an unreasonable, disordered, dishonorable, vicious emotion. The old saying that music calms the savage beast may be true of old mus…

Wake Up...Bouncing Back

Life can present us with tremendous adversity. It may come when we least expect: we are confronted with something for which we were unprepared. Yet misfortunes and hardships, though seemingly insurmountable, can actually be transforming—you become a stronger, wiser individual able to maximize your full potential.
Perhaps you were financially stable and subsequently lost your job or home. Maybe you endured the death of a spouse or loved one. It could even be that you experience an extensive period of loneliness and heartache, or battled an addiction. Whatever the case, you should know that you can “bounce back” to a point very near to where you were – or even beyond.
Why not? Others have done as much under very difficult conditions. By surviving, they gained the wisdom necessary to lead others through hardship to success. They bounced back, stopped living in the past and obsessing over failures, and made the conscious decision to live for what drives them—their life’s passion.
Challenge c…

Make A Comeback

We all face disappointments and setbacks. Life is full of times when we get knocked down. Too often we are tempted to just sit there and settle for less than our very best. But if we are going to achieve our full potential we’ve got to bounce back mentally.How do you become a comeback person? Ask yourself the following:What’s good about this situation or what could be good about this challenge?What can I learn from this experience so I can be better in the future?What are some new actions I can take today and what can I do more of in the future that will help me rise to new levels?Finally, get up every morning and look in the mirror and say “I am an honest, goal setting, self motivated positive person. I look good, I feel good, and I am moving closer to my dreams.Remember to be the type of person who provides a service that other people need and fill that need and make friends along the way...Per Billy Cox.

Peace of mind despite what goes on in the world.

Our world is shifting. Some of us have felt the tremors deep within our core. I, for one, have been pushed out of my comfort zone. I felt that my choices were to either find a rudder to steer the course or, abandon ship thrashing and struggling to stay afloat. Fortunately, the struggle to survive is innate in all of us. So I found the rudder. What is that “special something” that makes someone transform a “negative situation” into a positive experience? The old John Lennon quote, “Life happens to us while we’re making plans” reverberates loud and clear throughout our lifetime. If we can weather the storm when we find ourselves swimming through a sudden rip tide, then we are certainly ahead of the game.
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