As a part of our "For Real Solutions".....

As a part of our 'For Real Solutions', we desire to impart 'Healthy', Positive concepts and ideas to those engaged in a relational environment. Please inquiry below to see our profile and additional contact sources for current and future networking info regarding any area of interest shown.

Marcus and Gloria Whyte
Trainer / Facilitator
For Healthy Marriages©

Professional Training & Coaching industry
September 2007 – Present

The Healthy Marriage program is an eight session basic training class for couples that are married, engaged to be married and or dating. The program’s purpose is to re-engage and educate couples about the benefits of marriage and not just marriage but a healthy marriage.

As facilitators my queen (Gloria) and I are committed to mentoring couples who are looking for assistance in growing and strengthening their relationship. We are Facilitators/ Trainers in a "Basic Training For Couples" program which is designed to sustain healthy relationships.

Company Overview:
We offer relationship insight to couples who are looking to commit to each other in order to come to the understanding that a marriage is a collaboration of 2 hearts that join 2gether 2 overcome the obstacles of life & create an atmosphere of shared pleasure & deeper love.

To help change our world for the better by educating couples who are in relationships about the benefits they gain from a healthy relationship. To spread the word that healthy marriages are the backbone of a strong society

Products: T.A.L.K.
1. Training in an
2. Atmosphere of
3. Listening where
4. Knowledge is achieved

Question: Why should all people, regardless of race or ethnicity buy into marriage?

Benefits of marriage:
1. Financial Security
2. Better Schools and neighborhoods
3. Better Health
4. Physical Security
5. Better Sex
6. Home ownership
7. Accountability

May God bless you...
Thank you for Reading...
~ Marcus n Gloria Whyte
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