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What should I DO? Should I Be What YOU want me to BE! ~ LeBron James #6

This is crap LeBron has fulfilled, his obligation to the Cavilers, he wanted to go somewhere where he had a shot of winning and to not just be a cash generator for the owner of failed team, you want to blame the CLEVELAND economy on him? Blame it on Bush’s era, and on the fact that you can't put your economic hopes on a free agent. There is no guarantee that he will win in Miami, but he is giving it a shot and he has the right to do so. WE can talk about the hour long press conference to see where he would end up until we are blue in the face but the bigger picture is he made a lot of people money that day and all the small minded can think about is his ego the people that made money off of the advertising and even the talk leading up to the event were clocking in dollars be mad at them too. MJ has his opinion, just like Barkley, but the bottom line is he does not owe you anything just like people who move out of state to pursue better opportunities owes you nothing, you may not l…
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10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman by Joshua Bennett

Guys! we say the stupidest things...

"Guys say the stupidest things.” That’s a near universal female observation. And let’s face it: there’s more than a grain of truth in it. We guys do say some pretty idiotic stuff. Thing is, we rarely mean to. In fact, we often don’t even know that we did! What to do? Channel your grade school teacher and remember to think before you speak.  Here are ten statements that are likely to get you into trouble, and how to avoid them.“You’re over-reacting.”While this may be true from an objective standpoint, she will never agree, at least not on the spot. No matter what she may be throwing at you, be that insults or ceramic knick-knacks, she believes she’s acting appropriately. So duck if you have to and then say something like this: “I don’t blame you for being upset, but I’d rather focus our energy on fixing the problem.”“You’re not being logical.”Once again, you may be right, but that’s beside the point.  (Note that we said “may.”) When in the midst of a debate, one plus…

Happy Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day appeared first in Clevland, Ohio in October 1921. The day was designed by 12 prominent candy makers led by C. C. Hartzell and calling their committee The Sweetest Day in the Year Committee. That first Sweetest Day 20,000 boxes of candy were distributed to "newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor." The distribution was helped by famous movies stars of the day including Ann Penington and Theda Bara. On October 8, 1922 it was observed in the rest of the nation. Today the date has changed and the holiday which has come to represent sweet friendships and romantic loves remains most heavily observed in the Midwest and parts of the North East. Please remember to appreciate and affirm your love partner and soul-mate for through this affirmation you are both affirmed and grow together.Happy Sweetest Day to Everyone...Much Love to ALL! ~Marcus n Gloria Commissioned-Ordinary Just Won't Do....For A Healthy Marriages©! ♥♥
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