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Childish Behavior in our Marriages and Relationships

This article is designed to slap a reality check into the hearts and minds of every couple that has experienced the same childish behavior.
Let’s start with the sisters first. You know you have flower girl tendencies:

* When you get upset with your husband when he’s RIGHT, but instead of admitting it, you continue to argue your point just to get on his nerves. Get somewhere and sit down, l’il girl!
* If you make more money or do something better than your husband, you rub it in his face by singing, “anything you can do, I can do better…I can do anything better than you!” The ring bearer says, “No you can’t!” You make it worse by responding, “Yes, I can!” Then you end up in a perpetual “CAN’T!!!” “CAN, TOO!!!” dialog.
* If you see your husband’s clothes all over the floor, and instead of picking them up, folding them and putting them away, you set them in a pile on the other side of the room for him to wade through whenever it’s convenient.
* If you resort to throwing insult…

Caring enough to confront someone you love....and loving them enough to forgive.

I love you.
If I Love you I must tell you the Truth.
I want your love.
I want your truth.
Love me enough to tell me the Truth.

Positive word: Caring , Negative word: Confronting.....Caring enough to confront someone you love....and loving them enough to forgive.
Together they provide the balance of love and power which lead to effective human relationships. The more common practice is to keep these distinct and separate.
There is a time for caring...There is a time for confronting.....Each in its owns time.
Care when caring is called for, confront when confrontation is required. Care fronting is the way to communicate with both impact and respect , with truth and love.
Speaking the truth in love is the way to mature right relationships. Care fronting has a unique view of conflict. Conflict is natural, normal , neutral and sometimes even delightful. It can turn into painful or disastrous ends,but it doesn't need to. Conflict is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong. Conflict simply is. How …

Derrion Alberts..... will be able to take a bow on the world’s stage.

Derrion Alberts..... will be able to take a bow on the world’s stage.
This story is so sad because it was just so senseless and brutal. How can you beat someone to death who’s posed no threat to you whatsoever? I pray for Derrion’s family and the families of the “lost boys” who committed this crime, I hope they will raise the rest of their children better than they raise these. I just can not understand why these things are still happening. And I don’t want to hear any excuses about poverty, because being poor has no bearing on knowing right from wrong.
I don’t blame this on music or even where they lived. Sorry, but I'm looking at the rearing. If I have to bust my butt to raise my kids so can everyone else (by all means necessary?) My kids were not out trying to start fights and being a menace. I am tired of mothers denying the fathers visitation (I don’t like that word) to their children because he did not pay his child support. We have discussed this before and a woman can’t rais…