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Brent Rice

Rawsrvnt "Love On" Spoken Word (@Rawsrvnt @CFimpact @thestudio_b)

Love God. Love People. Love On.

Love On
Written by: Eddy Puyol
Performed by: Rawsrvnt
© 2012 Soul Deep Records, a division of Soul Deep Ministries

"Love as I have loved you." What does that really mean? Sometimes it's hard to understand what Jesus meant when He said it 'cause in the world that we live in people love us based on circumstance or preference.

Like if I like what you like you'll like me. Or if I do what you do you'll accept me. Yet the one that should've rejected me, 'cause I wasn't at all like Him, didn't. Matter fact, in spite of my imperfections, failures, and flaws Christ saw something in me that was worth reconciling back to Him. So it's no longer I who live but He who lives through me and gives me the courage to fearlessly love you. Dispute what you do to me. Or how you treat me. At my job, at my school, at my church, even in my own family.

So let's not view each other in light of our earthly stature but more as Ch…

Rawsrvnt "The Almighty" feat. St. Matthew Music Video

Eddy "Rawsrvnt" Puyol

Oh jesus you know, jesus you know how I feel
Everything about your love is so real
Oh you will love my friend, love me forever, your love has no end
So strech out my end, and worship you father and thankyou my friend
Oh, you already know, I love you forever like forever more, king of kings
Your love ...
So who shall I fear, your love always with me and conquer my fears
I shed no tears, I just worship you father for years and years
... bring me all or we dies
I got yeah, I got
So let me say

The almighty, ai ai, I worship till the day I die
... eternal life, ...worship he ...
The almighty, ai ai, he save me and gave me life
I worship your love, I worship your love, I worship your love