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May your Christmas holiday be ‪#‎blessed‬, good tidings, peace, warmth, & joy with your families and friends.... Much Love Always from me to yours

Are You Trusting Me?

#‎Trust‬ is a cornerstone of ‪#‎relationships‬, and when it gets ‪#‎broken‬ it's hard to get it back. So we need to safeguard the trust. If we suspect our partner’s being dishonest then we should address it. If we find ourselves checking up on things they say, where they’re going or sneaking peeks at their phone, then trust isn’t there and rather than play ‪#‎detective‬ we need to change what's fueling the lack of trust... ‪#‎investthetime‬#‎loveoneanother‬‪#‎togetherwegrow‬‪#‎letsworkonus‬‪#‎makeusapriority‬‪ #‎2016goals‬

Look to the Heavens for #Validations

Listen Good People… Some people are just committed to misunderstanding you. Nothing you could do will change it. Stop wasting your time. RELEASE THEM! The people God has assigned to be apart of your life, believe in you, love you, support you! They push you to breakthroughs, not breakdowns! Stop needing them to validate you! Broken people don’t know how!

This is the season to be Thankful for the one “Who” consistently blessing “You”… 
Thank you Jesus!!!  -Much Love Marcus Whyte23


The Elements of Encouragement...

Erica Campbell 'More Love' On VH1 Big Morning Buzz




Dr. Jason Carthen "Everyone has a story!" What's yours?

Dr. Jason shares that everyone has a story, but the difference is knowing that it is being written on a daily basis. On the campus of Bethel University he speaks to over two thousand Faculty and students as a precursor to the release of his new Book "Destiny Focused Leadership"
To Book Dr. Jason, Send an e-mail to or call 1-855-227-8436

@jasoncarthen #DestinyFocus #99Carthen

Eric Roberson - "I'm Not Trying To Keep Score No More" (Official Video)

@IAmEricRobersonNew Video by #EricRoberson "Not Trying To Keep Score No More" check it out. ‪#‎TheBox‬ #Erro

Love Never Fails by Stacey Harcum Official Video

Love Never Fails is from Stacey Harcum's solo album Soul Exposed.

Own you copy of the Soul Exposed album on iTunes, CDBaby, and other digital distributors.

Dreadlocks Will Get Me Arrested or Killed? (Anthony Mackie)

This is a response to Anthony Mackie’s recent statements about dreadlocks and in regards to his respectability politics.


The eye-for-an-eye philosophy....

Happy MLK Day. Let's not forget though Martin Luther King Jr was an iconic leader, he was also an ordinary guy. I'm sure he had fears, setbacks, temptations, insecurities and the same struggles we go thru. But with that he was still able to accomplish so much. Remember that you can accomplish anything too. #mlkday

The reason I can’ t follow the old eye-for-an-eye philosophy is that it ends up leaving everyone blind. - Rev. Dr. #MLK Jr. #ReclaimMLK

Sean C Johnson - No Never (Remix)

That is why we never give up 2 Cor 4:16: eternal salvation is for all those created in the image and likeness of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, in this lifetime. This is why we must search through the pages of the word of God and discover the true meaning of life on this planet.

Sean C. Johnson - "NO NEVER" (Official) Music Video - (@SeanCJohnson)

When you finally get something good, enjoy it. Please don't always go looking for something you think is better.... In Pursuit of Greatness, Together!  #loveoneanother#togetherwegrow#2015goals#letsworkonus