Putting Down Your Baggage

Most people have the lifelong burden of carrying baggage that does not belong to them. Baggage of pain, hurt, un - forgiveness, bitterness, sadness, humiliation and broken hearts. The problem with these types of baggage is that over time you get emotionally drained by the weight laid on your heart and your minds, you continually think about how bad it feels and slowly sink yourself into subconscious depression.When this happens you wonder why all seems so bad way before a doctor’s diagnosis you begin to crumble. You may begin a relationship that seems to go no further than a certain point as if there was a barrier preventing you from pursuing higher heights.Your job may be a never ending struggle as your heart is preoccupied with other feelings, your mind with other thoughts and your life still in the past. Because of this you will find it hard to create any type of future life as you are trying to walk forwards but thinking and feeling backwards. The saddest part is that you cannot be available to serve others are your hands are tied and shoulders are weak. There are solutions to these situations and many of my family memebers, friends and associates who suffer from similar issues find these exercises useful.

1. Replace each negative experience with a NEW productive positive experience. In order to erase old memories, you must create new memories for you to focus on, reminisce on and dwell on.

2. Eliminate the questions as to why these bad things happened. We drive our selves crazy asking why to questions that we know ourselves we will never get the answers to.

3. Focus daily on the lessons. When you focus on how you are developing and what you have learn from an experience, you are paying critical attention to your needs and the habit of self worth/value begins to take action.

4. Forgive and forget. Many say ill forgive but I won’t forget, when you say this you are saying that you CHOOSE to feel this way forever, want to hold onto the pain, hurt and all the anger that got you in this state. Remember when you forgive it does not make you weak.. it makes you strong, during your un forgiveness, the person is running around in your mind rent free still hurting you and living a perfectly normal life. You too must be free.

Put down your bags and have open arms for all the new opportunities ahead of you.

S.Whyte, Mar.2,2010


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