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It's A New Year 2013.. How about our ACTIONS?

Thanks GentlemanTheory 
Do it for the love, not for the recognition. When they recognize that, the love will be reciprocated, and not fabricated. Don’t look for attention, just pay attention. Forget about who doesn’t like you, remember God loves you. Sometimes when you extend your hand, family will try bite you, and friends will try to drug you. One feels you owe em, the other wants to influence you. Your house could be empty before you realize they’re all using you. Love is selfless, don’t be selfish. Lust in the eyes that keeps us blind. Open your mind, pray from your heart. Expect to be bit, when entertaining the bark. Believe in the Lord thy God, He always finishes what he starts, but first decide that you’re finished so that He can start.

Man has a way that he thinks is right, but Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. Play in the dark, get caught in the traps. The blind will forever lead the blind. Toast together, smoke together, get buried side by side. Everyday another ma…