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Our hoodies are still up and the movement is still strong...

5 years ago today 26 Feb 2017 #TrayvonMartin was killed. #RIP #NeverForgotten What if it was your SON.... please don't never forget!!! Our hoodies are still up and the movement is still strong. #OurSonTrayvon

you say/i say…

Happy Healthy Monday Morning 27 Feb 17… Good People!

I’m not sure who’s the author/creator of these “you say/i say"… but,
I kept the ones I like/love…. Much Love to the author/writer.

You say arrogant, I say confident.
You say snob, I say above ignorance.
You say stop, I say never.
You say typical, I say anything but.
You say too much, I say more.
You say impulsive, I say ambitious.
You say failure, I say I am done with this conversation.
Happy 90th B-day @sidneypoitier.
 1st black actor to win an Oscar. Humanitarian, activist & director. #blackhistory #SidneyPoitier #legend & icon
Happy Valentine's Day music lovers. Wishing you much love and peace today. ❤❤❤

RIP Jazz Legendary Al Jarreau

Before Bobby McFerrrin & Take 6…
there was Jazz Legend Al Jarreau!!! #RIP #aljarreau

Note From The Wifey...

Ladies, I had one of best date nights ever!!! My husband and I went out on Valentine weekend for dinner and a movie. The movie we decided to see was Hidden Figures, we thought it would be a good movie for black history month and it is excellent for that but what surprised me was that it was one of the best love stories for black families that I have seen in quite a while. The story showed three strong black females and the three strong black men that loved them and stood by them and were not threaten by their intellect. These men knew how special these women were and they did all in their power to help grow and nurture them. I fell in love with a strong black man who was never threaten by me or my abilities. He always told me that he married me for my mind and he encouraged me and made me feel secure enough to achieve my goals. He is supporting, loving and empowering. Ladies I hope that you experience the love of not only a good man but the love of a secure man as well—it is a beautif…

Date Nite

Date Nite on last evening... what an treat dinner, movie & quality time with my queen... "Hidden Figures" Awesome inspiring and very intriguing.... Did anyone else know or learned behind the men who went to the Moon were three (3) brilliant black women who never received their due recognition – until now ??? My lord...(I guess better late than never). Any-how we recommend everyone please go see "#HiddenFigures" sooner than later. Watching the movie reminded me why I fell so hard in love with Gloria.. It was her MIND, her thoughts and how she process situations in business & personal. She is just simply smarter than me. And she was smart enough to marry me 30 years later (LOL) and courting.