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Happy Anniversary to my Queen Gloria! 23 years of are truly my soul-mate. Absolutely Love…"together we are better”!

My "Queen Gloria"....26 years ago I saw this lady sitting over in a corner minding her own business in a rehearsal gospel singing group name "Essence of Christ Singers". I asked another member of the group who was that over in the corner What is her name? The next words out of my mouth was that is my future wife. There was a six years different in age, which was a concern for her and her family for that matter. Of course, a younger man older lady she thought I was a young guy playing games I can understand that thinking look back at it now telling someone you just met that they were your wife. As confident and talented that I was...I'm afraid to share that I chased her around for three years showing her that I was and still on point to win her love for me just,like the first time I laid eyes on her(corny but true). Ok, you want to know what I said to her to win the Gift of a Life-Time....." I just want to be your friend"…

Are You An Encourager...?

The most common word for encouragement in the Bible is "parakaleo"—"para" meaning "beside, near, with, along side," and "kaleo" meaning "to call or summon." A "paraclete" is someone called along side of another to counsel, encourage, help and bring comfort.

A "paraclete"—encourager—helps us when we are in trouble, when we are in a situation with which we cannot cope. This word also means "to urge on or exhort." A person needing help may not require comfort so much as challenge.

The word is used to exhort troops to go into battle. It not only empathizes; it motivates or inspires. It not only gives comfort; it also gives courage. It impels hesitant soldiers into battle and fearful
sailors into the storm.

This word is used frequently by Paul in his epistles. In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, he tells the Thessalonians to, "…encourage one another and build each other up." Three verses later he says, w…

Will the real YOU please: Stand and Identify

Over the past few years when asked to introduce myself I have noticed that I have struggled some. I have come to understand that my struggle was due to the fact that my life was in transition and the points that I used in the past to identify with have changed. My compass was different know and I was still embracing the new me. I love who I am not ashamed of it and you may be surprised at my introduction of me.Question: Do you introduce yourself and or identify yourself with what you do, what you have, where you attend church, or with what groups you have memberships or associate with instead of who you really are? This topic is on my mind because of some of the Facebook friend request responses I have received as well as some of the responses we get from couples in our marriage initiative training classes when they are asked to introduce themselves. Do you ever stop to think about your response when you are asked who are you or asked to introduce yourself? Is it hard for you to let …