Happy 31st of Oneness -29-Aug-18

Striving For Greatness Together...
Happy 31st anniversary of oneness with my queen... what a beautiful awesome day to be together enjoying one another with more years & counting ... I love me some her... there’s no me without her!!!    #HappyAnniversary#Strivingforgreatnesstogether#myrideordie#Healthyandhappymarriage#Puttingtheworkin#love#untildeathdouspart#oneness#us#investthetime

Cesaria Evora Live D'amor 2004 (Complete Concert)

Live At the Grand Rex, Paris April 2004, Cesaria Evora performes: Nutridinha, Isola, Vaquinha Mansa, Velocidade, Cretcheu Di Ceu, Bia d'Lulutcha, Lua Nha Testemunha, Saia Travada, Angola, Sodade, Besame Mucho, Ramboia, Carinha Di Bo Mae, Mar De Canal, Nha Cancera Ka Tem Medida, Fala Pa Fala, Beijo Roubado, Nho Antoine Escderode, Cize, Velocidade, BONUS: Le Grand Rex Backstage, Voz d'Amor Sessions, Video Mar de Canal

0:00 Nutridinha 2:33 Isola 7:48 Vaquinha Mansa 11:20 Velocidade 14:35 Cretcheu Di Ceu 20:20 Bia d'Lulutcha 22:47 Lua Nha Testemunha 28:44 Saia Travada 32:12 Angola 36:33 Sodade 40:12 Besame Mucho 45:07 Ramboia 52:14 Carinha di Bo Mae 55:18 Mar De Canal 59:38 Nha Cancera Ka Tem Medida 1:03:55 Fala Pa Fala 1:08:58 Beijo Roubada 1:11:58 Nho Antoine Escderode

Hail to the Queen...

To the , Aretha Franklin, may you felt the and you've given US for so many years!!!

Thank God he didn’t shut up and just dribble!!!

TROTUS has a problem with LeBron James, who has started the I Promise school (240 third and fourth graders presently, with plans in 2022 to have grades 1-8) in his native Akron, Ohio... Because LeBron is a better basketball player? Because LeBron is a better man? Because LeBron is more respected? Because The LeBron James Family Foundation has a powerful vision and Mission? Because LeBron would sit down and talk to Barack Obama but not TROTUS? Or because LeBron is black and has said that TROTUS is dividing this country along racial lines.

Read about LeBron's Foundation and his school projects here:

I Promise Principal Brandi Davis talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about the school's Mission:

I Promise.....

3m I cannot say how impressed I am that the school @kingjames is opening today (30-July-18) to serve low-performing students is a traditional public school. Instead of taking resources from the Akron Public Schools, he is adding to them. So excited for the @LJFamFoundation #Ipromise⁠ ⁠...

These kids are truly blessed to have an amazing role model. Dream big kids!!!

NOTE: Thank God he didn’t shut up and just dribble!!! @KingJames @LJFamFoundation The #IPromise School

I'm Coming.....

Having the right mindset is essential for personal growth. Always turn the bad into good.  #PositiveVibesOnly

Where is Frankie???

For Family Members been inquiring "Where's Frankie"? Franklin Whyte Spent Father & Son quality time Sat Afternoon 23June18. "Absolutely Blessed" #stayinourlane and #stopswering we'll hit & surpass our GOALS. Conversation & Hair Cuts!!! Big Shot- out to one of the Master Barber in Ohio Mr. Kedrin Rogers Thanks & Much love for takin care of us!!!
Son... Please stay encouraged and I'm very proud of you #proudfather&mother for you just being you (cause everyone else is taken)!  Love ya #CrackediPhone LOL let's keep in touch.