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The expectation that things will happen in a specific order or way leaves us open to disappointment when they don’t - which is exactly how life goes most of the time. How we handle those missed expectations is very important. Focusing on the disappointment will not change the outcome, but patience and a willingness to adjust your expectations will ultimately allow you to find a productive and positive resolution. #ThursdayThoughts


Showing a confident & forceful personality."If u are upfront about what u want & bold in devising a plan that helps u get it"... #assertive#confident

"Something About This Biscuit "

I liked a @YouTube video "Something About This Biscuit " Sometime we just need to Laugh thanks #PastorFredThomas LOL!
Happy Birthday to the King of Comedy, Bernie Mac. He would've been 60 years old today.  May you RIP King #05Oct17

The Elements of Encouragement...#TakeAKNEE

The Elements of Encouragement...: #TakeAKnee 24-Sept-2017 Not about disrespecting the flag or anthem. #Racism #PoliceBrutality

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

I'm Smiling..... Happy #EarthWindAndFire Day!

Much Love #21stOfSeptember #earthwindandfire

Best Of FKJ & Masego - Jazzy Vibes

Best Of FKJ & Masego - Jazzy Vibes

I can't believe how many chills I get for those 2 people! To me this represents the apex of music, technology; a fusion of jazz, soul, hip hop, and electronics showcased by incredibly talented multi-instrumentalists. This is the pinnacle of modern music!  #FKJ #Masego #JazzyVibes #pauseforaminute #relaxation #rainymorning #ohio #refocus #chillout #muchlove
🍩 Track Menu:
00:00 1.FKJ - Canggu
04:02 2.Masego - White Man
06:21 3.FKJ - Skyline
10:25 4.FKJ - Go Back Home
14:16 5.Masego - I Do Everything
19:07 6.Masego - I'm Jamaican
20:26 7.FkJ & Masego - Tadow
28:28 8.Masego - Navajo
31:36 9.Masego - Peace & Love
33:14 10.Masego - Oxygen
37:23 11.Selah Sue - Alone (FKJ Remix)
41:00 12.FKJ - lying together
45:24 13.Masego - Send Yo' Rita!