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Question # 2 from the Ladies Top Ten List

Looking to hear from the voices of all who are dating and or looking to be in relationship. Ladies you in particular are being called out. Here’s the reason for the call out, over the last couple of months we have heard from our television, radio and other media personalities stating that the male and female perspective of what/who a good man is differs quite a bit. On our last radio blog we had a male caller call in and express to us that according to his opinion and research, per his statement “the complaint from most 20 to 30 year old educated successful women that they can not find a good man should be placed squarely at the feet of women”. He believes that all of the issues that women are facing regarding dating is their fault. So what do you think readers, is there fault to be handed out?As indicated over the last few months our male callers have informed us that ladies have a list by which they judge men. Ladies the males that we have spoken with inform us that you are unrealis…