The Beginning Journey…Until Our Path Crossed

Even in our formative years, before introduction, our pictures can attest that our backgrounds were similar. We were just two little people on a path that came together at a point of destiny. Early in our relationship, this journey that we now share never crossed our minds. We were like most couples just trying to do us, working and living our lives but through understanding we came to find that doing us is loving, sharing, caring and helping others come to the knowledge of what a Healthy Marriage is....

Marcus and Gloria Whyte


For Healthy Marriages©

We offer relationship insight to couples who are looking to commit to each other in order to come to the understanding that a marriage is a collaboration of 2 hearts that join 2gether 2 overcome the obstacles of life & create an atmosphere of shared pleasure & deeper love.

Please visit our site and become a member of For Healthy Marriages© :

The purpose is to re-engage and educate couples about the benefits of marriage and not just marriage but a healthy marriage.

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