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We're not feeling each other......right now! But....

Choose to love each other, even in those moments when you struggle to like each other. Love is a commitment, not a feeling. 
#love #untildeathdouspart #oneness #us #investthetime #loveoneanother #togetherwegrow #letsworkonus #makeusapriority #forhealthymarriages #2018goal  ForHealthyMarriages

Morning and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa + Happy Holidays to All. May This Day + this Season Bring Happiness, Joy, Health, Love + Wonderful Times. GOD Bless.

Magic Johnson apologizes to Isiah Thomas

Magic Johnson apologizes to Isiah Thomas and both start shedding tears....

Wow... the real meaning of my brother's keeper!!!! That's true reconciliation!! #apologized, #recognized & #admittedhiswrong, & #ownedhismistake.

thankful for YOU!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving...We are very thankful for YOU. Have an amazing day with family and friends... Also, Happy Thanksgiving if you don't talk to your family, if you're celebrating with a chosen family, if you're celebrating alone or not celebrating at all. We are praying/thinking of you, thankful for you & we love you. Much Love M&G


In my IT World... & in Life!!
The expectation that things will happen in a specific order or way leaves us open to disappointment when they don’t - which is exactly how life goes most of the time. How we handle those missed expectations is very important. Focusing on the disappointment will not change the outcome, but patience and a willingness to adjust your expectations will ultimately allow you to find a productive and positive resolution. #ThursdayThoughts


Showing a confident & forceful personality."If u are upfront about what u want & bold in devising a plan that helps u get it"... #assertive#confident

"Something About This Biscuit "

I liked a @YouTube video "Something About This Biscuit " Sometime we just need to Laugh thanks #PastorFredThomas LOL!
Happy Birthday to the King of Comedy, Bernie Mac. He would've been 60 years old today.  May you RIP King #05Oct17

The Elements of Encouragement...#TakeAKNEE

The Elements of Encouragement...: #TakeAKnee 24-Sept-2017 Not about disrespecting the flag or anthem. #Racism #PoliceBrutality

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

I'm Smiling..... Happy #EarthWindAndFire Day!

Much Love #21stOfSeptember #earthwindandfire

Best Of FKJ & Masego - Jazzy Vibes

Best Of FKJ & Masego - Jazzy Vibes

I can't believe how many chills I get for those 2 people! To me this represents the apex of music, technology; a fusion of jazz, soul, hip hop, and electronics showcased by incredibly talented multi-instrumentalists. This is the pinnacle of modern music!  #FKJ #Masego #JazzyVibes #pauseforaminute #relaxation #rainymorning #ohio #refocus #chillout #muchlove
🍩 Track Menu:
00:00 1.FKJ - Canggu
04:02 2.Masego - White Man
06:21 3.FKJ - Skyline
10:25 4.FKJ - Go Back Home
14:16 5.Masego - I Do Everything
19:07 6.Masego - I'm Jamaican
20:26 7.FkJ & Masego - Tadow
28:28 8.Masego - Navajo
31:36 9.Masego - Peace & Love
33:14 10.Masego - Oxygen
37:23 11.Selah Sue - Alone (FKJ Remix)
41:00 12.FKJ - lying together
45:24 13.Masego - Send Yo' Rita!

Happy Anniversary 30 years of ONENESS: 29 August 1987

Happy Anniversary 30 years of ONENESS: 29 August 1987 30 years later and it's still hard to believe that I get to wake up to this incredibly beautiful woman for the rest of my life!! Gloria has given me more than I could have ever asked for in a friend, a lover, companion whom I love beyond everything. But a careful observation (85' Prom Pic) confirms that she is a Queen. Her grace and effervescent charm is dazzling without the need for classless overtures of self adulation. In short, my wife is the classiest woman I have ever met. My best friend (86' Engaged Pic) is one who loves, forgives, patient, kind, trustworthy, honest, loyal, protective, smart, go getter, ride or die (87' Our Day), pray for you, feeds you, checks on you, drop everything for you, with you till the end, honors you, respects you, won't let folks talk bout you, laugh with you, rebukes if need be, proud to claim you, represents you, integrity of a Godly woman... I pen these words to show appreci…

Jaco Pastorius - Dolphin Dance( HD VIDEO!)


We mourn the loss of comedian and activist Dick Gregory who wasn't afraid to fight for racial justice...

"I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark." ~Dick Gregory #RIPDickGregory

Tom Misch - Beat Tape 1 [full beat tape]

Sat AM 19-Aug-17 Raining (in Ohio) & Enjoying the Smooove calmness of Tom Misch beats.

Much Love to All.  Yes.... even YOU!

0:00    The Real Thing

2:26    In A Special Way

4:04    Summer

6:17    Where Were You

10:04  Keep Moving

13:56  Lush Life

17:04  Epiphany

20:00  Dilla Love

22:22  Cruisin'

24:17  Deeper

25:49  Windmills Of Your Mind

29:17  Ahmad Heavy Short

30:48  Climbing

32:56  Welcome To My Universe

34:46  Euphoric

36:12  Can't Explain It

38:40  Maguel Chops

39:53  Wind (Jazzy Joint)

42:23  Wonder

44:26  You Got Me Flying

"Still Processing"

Step inside the confession booth of Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, two culture writers for The New York Times. They devour TV, movies, art, music and the internet to find the things that move them — to tears, awe and anger. Still Processing is where they try to understand the pleasures and pathologies of America in 2017.
AUGUST 18, 2017, 8:32 AM| New York Times writers Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham take a critical look at cultural issues in their popular podcast, "Still Processing." In their most recent episode, they discussed the white supremacist rally and violence in Charlottesville. Morris and Wortham join "CBS This Morning" to discuss the role white people need to play in conversations about race, and how the institution of white supremacy needs to be dismantled.

SiR performs on Soulection Radio / Beats 1 | Live Sessions:

SiR performs on Soulection Radio / Beats 1 | Live Sessions:  The Sound of Tomorrow #loveyou #SiR #TrePugh #inthesky #SEVENSUNDAYS

Looking and Feeling very WELL.... Thank you for Asking!!!

America’s at that point in the breakup where they keep bumping into their ex who looks AMAZING…… LOL! #amazing

Chucho Valdés - Prelude In E Minor & Waltz In A Minor - Frédéric Chopin

Chucho Valdés - Prelude In E Minor & Waltz In A Minor - Frédéric Chopin

10 minutes to relax with the great Jazz Maestro Chucho Valdés is a reflection & expression of his emotions.

Know Your Worth....

Wow.... Excellent Words of LIFE!!! No chasing and no begging 💯. #KnowYourWorth #DontSettle #NoGames #Love #Life #Dating #Relationships
Congratz to AaRron Epps​ and his team BMe... for the awesome article in our local Akron Beacon Journal​. Thank you for making a difference in & for OUR community. Much Love & Support.

Aaron "Ace" Epps, community manager for the Akron chapter of BMe, stands for a portrait at Summit Artspace in downtown Akron. (Leah Klafczynski/Akron Beacon Journal)



....don't struggle against outside conditions that you have no control over anyway. Work on yourself and how you respond to things, because when you change, everything changes...

...healthy/happiness doesn't just simply happen... we have to choose it and keep choosing it every day..


A jury deliberated longer in the #CosbyTrial Case... Than the murder of #PhilandoCastile ... America's court are in contempt!

The Most Important Job....

The most important job I've ever had is being a good/healthy Father to my Son & Daughter. I'm so grateful for them both#FathersDayWeekend
#HappyFathersDay2017 to all Father's that has held & continuously holding it down "The Responsibility" Father, Dad, Daddy, Pops, my ole man duties...“It’s not always Easy, but we know it’s Necessary”. With Much Love!!


You can't kill people and no one be held accountable and expect peace...
This is just heart shattering.

Terrace Martin: 'Bromali'

Stereo, not stereotypical® #ExcellentBehaviour

Terrace Martin - Keys/Vocals
Trevor Lawrence Jr. - Drums
Taber Gable - Keys
Brandon Eugene Owens - Bass

Terrace Martin - Bromali

Originally "Bromali" from Terrace Martin's "Velvet Portraits" album.#Mood #Jazz #Smoove

Zlatoyar - Sounds Of Gratitude

Ukrainian session bass player and Warwick endorser @zlatoyarbass performing his original song "Sounds Of Gratitude".  #warwick#framus#warwickbass#framusguitar#bass#guitar#instrument#music#musician#sound#strings#wood

Memorial Day

Let us remember those who courageously gave their lives.  We thank you.  We love you.  And we lift your families in prayer. 
#MemorialDay  #Thankyouforyourservice

Your Mama!!!


50 years of age TODAY 27 Apr 1967 (Thursday)

50 years of age TODAY 27 Apr 1967 (Thursday)…. Happy Birthday to Me!! What a Life so far …God has blessed me and I’am so thankful to be healthy, sexy and in my right mind most of the time. PLEASE “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the BIG things.” Try to enjoy the JOURNEY… 
-Much Love Marcus Whyte23

My wife of 30th years put these photo’s of my mug shots together (love ya Glo).

PS: I’ve received my AARP Membership Card in the mail already!!! The wifey could not wait to give me the mail...LOL!!

Message from Wifey...Happy Birthday baby. You have grown from a child to a man, from a man to an OLD man of 50 and I still love you. 50 years ago God created you for me and I love you. Marcus you are the best husband, friend and lover any girl could ask for and I thank God everyday that you are mine. Today and every day I love you. Happy 50th Birthday Marcus!!!! 27-Apr-17 #HappyBirthday #50thbday #thankful #AARPcard #oldman

Wishing you all, wherever you are on Planet Earth, a very happy and peaceful weekend. Happy #EarthDay


We think of Jesus Christ's journey to Mount Calvary, that final station where he was crucified. Thank you "Lord" !
You may have fought a lot with your siblings, but deep down in your hearts, they are the one who matters the most ❤️ #nationalsiblingsday#lovewins
On April 4, 1968 - they killed a dreamer but they did not kill his dream. That will live on … through us.#DrKing #MLKJr
Stay away from STILL people … keep it moving!!! Much Love
#people#samesituation #letscontinueworkingonus #makeusapriority#stillin2017
These Daffodil's are for you .. Glo!! Looking forward to an Awesome #Springtime 2107 23-Mar.
#Solidarity Reposting @beblogalicious:"Here's to strong women. Our Women of color... I love it..empower one another!!! Support, Love, Appreciate, Respect  #SaluteToEveryOneWomanGlobally #happywomensday #QueensWorldwide #AnthemsLive4ever #InternationalWomensDay

Am I Wrong for Wanting to Make Love While My Mother In-Law Is in My House?

Am I Wrong for Wanting to Make Love While My Mother In-Law Is in My House?: Help! My wife won't let me touch her when her mother is in the house.

Our hoodies are still up and the movement is still strong...

5 years ago today 26 Feb 2017 #TrayvonMartin was killed. #RIP #NeverForgotten What if it was your SON.... please don't never forget!!! Our hoodies are still up and the movement is still strong. #OurSonTrayvon

you say/i say…

Happy Healthy Monday Morning 27 Feb 17… Good People!

I’m not sure who’s the author/creator of these “you say/i say"… but,
I kept the ones I like/love…. Much Love to the author/writer.

You say arrogant, I say confident.
You say snob, I say above ignorance.
You say stop, I say never.
You say typical, I say anything but.
You say too much, I say more.
You say impulsive, I say ambitious.
You say failure, I say I am done with this conversation.
Happy 90th B-day @sidneypoitier.
 1st black actor to win an Oscar. Humanitarian, activist & director. #blackhistory #SidneyPoitier #legend & icon
Happy Valentine's Day music lovers. Wishing you much love and peace today. ❤❤❤

RIP Jazz Legendary Al Jarreau

Before Bobby McFerrrin & Take 6…
there was Jazz Legend Al Jarreau!!! #RIP #aljarreau

Note From The Wifey...

Ladies, I had one of best date nights ever!!! My husband and I went out on Valentine weekend for dinner and a movie. The movie we decided to see was Hidden Figures, we thought it would be a good movie for black history month and it is excellent for that but what surprised me was that it was one of the best love stories for black families that I have seen in quite a while. The story showed three strong black females and the three strong black men that loved them and stood by them and were not threaten by their intellect. These men knew how special these women were and they did all in their power to help grow and nurture them. I fell in love with a strong black man who was never threaten by me or my abilities. He always told me that he married me for my mind and he encouraged me and made me feel secure enough to achieve my goals. He is supporting, loving and empowering. Ladies I hope that you experience the love of not only a good man but the love of a secure man as well—it is a beautif…

Date Nite

Date Nite on last evening... what an treat dinner, movie & quality time with my queen... "Hidden Figures" Awesome inspiring and very intriguing.... Did anyone else know or learned behind the men who went to the Moon were three (3) brilliant black women who never received their due recognition – until now ??? My lord...(I guess better late than never). Any-how we recommend everyone please go see "#HiddenFigures" sooner than later. Watching the movie reminded me why I fell so hard in love with Gloria.. It was her MIND, her thoughts and how she process situations in business & personal. She is just simply smarter than me. And she was smart enough to marry me 30 years later (LOL) and courting.