Message For Men


Be Encouraged....

Remember the supernatural way in which you were created— from dirt and made in the image of God.

For married men: Love your wives. Protect your families. YOU ARE the head. YOU ARE the leader. YOU ARE to be submitted to. Build with them. Grow with them. Teach them the principles that will give them everlasting life.

For single men: Hold fast to the promise that your inheritance is on the way. “She” is on Her way. She’s still being shaped and molded and tried true, for YOU. Singleness is not an unfortunate state, it is an opportunity to be selfish and internally clean house.

Understand your strength and worth as protectors and providers. You are Kings that come from a very long line of royalty. Use your gifts to prosper. Your gift is your meal ticket.

Trust God. He has already made you the victor

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