Finding Consistency

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Talk to your husband or wife about making a “need to improve” list for your marriage. We all have busy lives and our marriages can be put on the back burner if we are not careful. Talk about the things you both would like to see become more consistent in your marriage. Be grace filled in your sharing, understanding that your spouse may know these things need to change, but does not want to feel like they are being chastised. The last you thing you want the list to become is simply you pointing out where you think your spouse has failed. To keep this from happening, talk about how you would like to serve your spouse better to help them develop in the areas they need to grow. Then share the things you would like to be more consistent. Pray with your spouse over the list and talk about practical ways to make these changes.

Finding consistency through God’s plan for your life and marriage will bring you a closeness and intimacy you have been searching for. With God and your spouse. Consistently serving your spouse and loving them the way God has designed in Ephesians 5, is not always easy, but God will bless you in your consistency and obedience to His word for marriage.

We would love to hear your thoughts on consistency and the one flesh journey....

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