Will the real YOU please: Stand and Identify

Over the past few years when asked to introduce myself I have noticed that I have struggled some. I have come to understand that my struggle was due to the fact that my life was in transition and the points that I used in the past to identify with have changed. My compass was different know and I was still embracing the new me. I love who I am not ashamed of it and you may be surprised at my introduction of me.

Question: Do you introduce yourself and or identify yourself with what you do, what you have, where you attend church, or with what groups you have memberships or associate with instead of who you really are? This topic is on my mind because of some of the Facebook friend request responses I have received as well as some of the responses we get from couples in our marriage initiative training classes when they are asked to introduce themselves. Do you ever stop to think about your response when you are asked who are you or asked to introduce yourself? Is it hard for you to let others see the real you? Are you ashamed of whom you are? Is your value tied to job titles, memberships or church location? If you find that your identity is tied to the above what happens to you or your identity if the job title is gone, the memberships are no longer affordable or if God tells you that it is time for you to change your church location? Just a few things to think about. Please understand that the value that you bring to your environment is who you really are and this is how you should identify yourself. If you are a great father who takes time to teach your children how to be well adjusted futuristic contributors to society then why can’t you identify yourself as a great father instead of the Manager of this or that. Yes you are correct that being a Manager may be a part of who you are but the most value you add to this world should be through your children and family who are your legacy. We seem to identify with our jobs more than with our family. Jobs can change daily and some changes may not be by your choice, so place your identity within areas that are really who you are. Please understand the parts of you that add value to the universe. We often over look the value that we add when we identify ourselves, why?

Please understand that adding value to the universe is what we were created to do? God created us to give him praise and to give forth love to each other. Your definition of who you are needs to be tied to the value you add to the world and not to the titles and the stuff you have. Here’s why I say define or introduce you with the real you. Psalms 139:14 states that... we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. This scripture informs us that we are unique we know that DNA can identify us from others, no one else has your DNA and this is what makes you. So why do you try to imitate others? I recently heard a pastor say that when you imitate others you kill the anointing that God has in place for you. Here’s why imitation is not the real you and what the heavens have in place for the real you can’t be released to a fake. Be who you really are, identify with who you really are, and announce to the world the real you. Add value to the world and receive the gift that the heavens have declared for you.

Stand up and identify as I do: I am a wonderful man, a great husband, lover and best friend to my wife of 23 years. I am a wonderful father, son and brother. A true friend and giver of instruction for healthy relationships, a writer of truths with a positive understanding and one who will always speak words of life in order to ensure that you can reach your full potential. One who is not bound by titles, memberships or addresses but freely loves while holding accountable. One who understand that for me this is a work in progress and one who is looking and hoping for the future. So if you desire to learn how to let the world see the real you, take the first step and stand up and identify.

"When we seek to discover the best in OTHERS, we somehow bring Out the BEST in OURSELVES." -William Arthur Ward

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~ Marcus Whyte23






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