Derrion Alberts..... will be able to take a bow on the world’s stage.

Derrion Alberts..... will be able to take a bow on the world’s stage.
This story is so sad because it was just so senseless and brutal. How can you beat someone to death who’s posed no threat to you whatsoever? I pray for Derrion’s family and the families of the “lost boys” who committed this crime, I hope they will raise the rest of their children better than they raise these. I just can not understand why these things are still happening. And I don’t want to hear any excuses about poverty, because being poor has no bearing on knowing right from wrong.
I don’t blame this on music or even where they lived. Sorry, but I'm looking at the rearing. If I have to bust my butt to raise my kids so can everyone else (by all means necessary?) My kids were not out trying to start fights and being a menace. I am tired of mothers denying the fathers visitation (I don’t like that word) to their children because he did not pay his child support. We have discussed this before and a woman can’t raise a boy to be a man. Women can raise them to be polite, educated, respectful, caring and givers from the heart (just as a man can). We can scare them of many things, but we will never, ever take the place of a male/father figure. I know there are single mothers who have raised well adjusted young men. ( Because I'm one of them) I know there is no way that they did not do it by themselves. We have to have positive male role models in our males lives, Preacher, Pastor, Granddad, Uncles, male cousins etc…. Get married to a real man to mentor our boys. It is also a a plus and it’s ok to have a non positive person that our sons know that we can use as examples of “what not to do”. A child first teacher as we all know is his parents. Parents need to step up to the plate and stop being their kids friends, or party buddy. Parenting is not easy, but if people start from day one being a parent instead of thinking when little Ray Ray curses and the parent does not correct them but think it’s cute and can only laugh, something is wrong and that’s how early the problem starts. I am tired of seeing little girls “making it rain”, gyrating to songs and knowing all the words to songs and don’t know bible verses.
I feel so sadden that this young mans life did not mean anything to the kids that murdered him. I feel sadden to all the mothers. One mother had to bury her baby, while the other mothers have to live with knowing their sons won’t be coming home, but their home will be prison. Men need to man up and take care of what they created. Woman need to fall back and let the man that you layed with making a baby be a father. This is not about a child support check, it’s about life or death.
I know some men are dogs and don’t give a rats butt about the kids they created. I am not referring my comment to those mothers. I know some men are drugged out, in jail or just plain lazy and lost. There are real men that had kids with real women who really want to be apart of the rearing of their child but the woman won’t let him because she is scorned. It’s not about the two people who had the kid, it’s now about raising the child to live to see his own grand kids and not being a victim of street violence. Our black males are not valued anymore...... I would definitely say that mental, emotional and spiritual emancipation is what is needed in cases like this.

If I ruled the world, I’d free all my sons from:

* Succumbing to the identity that BET and other media circles have fed them all their lives. The only choices given on TV are ball player, rapper, drug dealer, deadbeat or flaming homosexual. Our culture has so much more richness than that.
* Absentee fathers. How can a boy learn to be a man if a positive role model of a man is not setting the example? Fathers, be there! I’m not just talking about deadbeats who end up on Maury Povich, but men who would rather work to give their children everything they want, but neglect to spend time with them.
* Dysfunctional upbringing. It shouldn’t be normal for a child to hear their mother curse their father out, their father to punch their mother in the face, or for multiple sets of brothers and sisters by different mothers and fathers to give the Census Bureau something to talk and shake their heads about.
* A lack of vision and purpose. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, inventors were going buck wild on that street. But if all a boy sees is TODAY, they will never be able to focus on the possibilities of the future.
* No knowledge about God and the fact that we were created in HIS creative image.

Imagine THAT kind of freedom playing out on the world’s stage. One day at a time, we can make it happen so Derrion Alberts’ death can make him a martyr rather than just another victim of a senseless crime. Perhaps future Derrion Alberts will be able to take a bow on the world’s stage because they have effectively flipped the script on these abnormal normalities.

Imagine that…
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