Wake Up...Bouncing Back

Life can present us with tremendous adversity. It may come when we least expect: we are confronted with something for which we were unprepared. Yet misfortunes and hardships, though seemingly insurmountable, can actually be transforming—you become a stronger, wiser individual able to maximize your full potential.
Perhaps you were financially stable and subsequently lost your job or home. Maybe you endured the death of a spouse or loved one. It could even be that you experience an extensive period of loneliness and heartache, or battled an addiction. Whatever the case, you should know that you can “bounce back” to a point very near to where you were – or even beyond.
Why not? Others have done as much under very difficult conditions. By surviving, they gained the wisdom necessary to lead others through hardship to success. They bounced back, stopped living in the past and obsessing over failures, and made the conscious decision to live for what drives them—their life’s passion.
Challenge comes from more than economic recession, from lost jobs or lost income Illness, divorce, death or depression can knock us to the ground so hard that we don’t even want to rise to our feet again. The stories that give us hope and teach us the lessons we need are the stories of those who bounced back. It may be harder than it sounds, but it can always be done.

PS: Stay Tune for my "Bio & more of my Memoir" ...sooner than later.

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