Make A Comeback

We all face disappointments and setbacks. Life is full of times when we get knocked down. Too often we are tempted to just sit there and settle for less than our very best. But if we are going to achieve our full potential we’ve got to bounce back mentally.

How do you become a comeback person? Ask yourself the following:

  1. What’s good about this situation or what could be good about this challenge?
  2. What can I learn from this experience so I can be better in the future?
  3. What are some new actions I can take today and what can I do more of in the future that will help me rise to new levels?

Finally, get up every morning and look in the mirror and say “I am an honest, goal setting, self motivated positive person. I look good, I feel good, and I am moving closer to my dreams.

Remember to be the type of person who provides a service that other people need and fill that need and make friends along the way...Per Billy Cox.


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