Note From The Wifey...

Ladies, I had one of best date nights ever!!! My husband and I went out on Valentine weekend for dinner and a movie. The movie we decided to see was Hidden Figures, we thought it would be a good movie for black history month and it is excellent for that but what surprised me was that it was one of the best love stories for black families that I have seen in quite a while. The story showed three strong black females and the three strong black men that loved them and stood by them and were not threaten by their intellect. These men knew how special these women were and they did all in their power to help grow and nurture them. I fell in love with a strong black man who was never threaten by me or my abilities. He always told me that he married me for my mind and he encouraged me and made me feel secure enough to achieve my goals. He is supporting, loving and empowering. Ladies I hope that you experience the love of not only a good man but the love of a secure man as well—it is a beautiful thing!!! 
Our families need to see this and make sure that our girls see it!!!

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