India's Summer Abroad in Japan 2016

India 1990 (where it all started)
India it’s easy to standby you with our support when you stand up and do the work that is needed to make your dreams come true.

With the help of Family & Friends Love Mom & Dad!!!

From the sweet and tender age of five, I took an interest in a culture very unfamiliar and different to my own and while most kids my age were watching SpongeBob Square pants and playing with Barbie’s I chose to learn Japanese. Through this educational journey, I was able to embrace the language, the culture and the lifestyle of the Japanese. I dreamt my whole life to travel to Japan, walk among the people and conversing fluently. Once in college, I knew I could strive to make my dream a reality. I have majored in International Business with a minor in the Japanese language. I have completed Beginning Japanese 1 and 2, Intermediate Japanese 1 and 2, World civilization: Japan to gain more knowledge on the origin and history of the Japanese culture and most recently I have completed Japanese culture through film to embrace the Japanese's interest in entertainment and media. With the support of my sensei, Yuki Sigler Fujiwara she sponsored this trip and now I am requesting monetary assistance great or small to help me fulfill this educational course requirement. This course will fulfill the dream of that five year old to visit: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima.

- Departure: Summer of 2016 (June)
-Currently in my third year at the University of Akron
- Majoring in International Business / Minor Japanese Language
-Speaking & studying since the kindergarten through her schooling.

Thank you all in advance for you generosity and donations

In Much Gratitude,


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