Mastering Obstacles Victoriously Everyday

I am writing you today as a challenge. A challenge for you to be your best! Not just once in awhile or when you feel like it - but daily. What is the challenge? I am glad you asked. I dare you to M.O.V.E.! I dare you to Master Obstacles Victoriously Everyday! You see, you have the power and the ability to M.O.V.E.. You may not recognize it yet...but you will. Before we go any further though I need your commitment. Are you ready to cut anchor on the regrets of yesterday and set sail towards your destiny? Are you ready to not run from the obstacles you've been running into for years and make a decision to go through them victoriously? Are you ready to begin a journey of excellence, dedication, persistence and passion? If you have confidently answered yes to these questions then I believe you are ready. Here are a few tips for where we are headed:

M - Master In order to master something it must be done over and over and over again with precision and focus. This does not come by simply trying something now and again. The Chinese Proverb says that "if you chase two rabbits they both escape." Which will you choose: Mastery or Mystery? Are you willing to pay the price for excellence? "The only reason men fail is broken focus" Mike Murdock

O - Obstacles Everybody has them. The key is in your perspective. Are you able to recognize obstacles as opportunities or do you allow them to become iron curtains of division standing between you and your goals and dreams? How you respond to obstacles is equally important. Will you respond or react? Reacting simply requires a knee jerk response while responding requires thought, proper perspective and planning.

V - Victoriously That's right - you either win or you decide. Know this: the spoils always go to the victor and never the victim. It's time to fire up the gifts God has given you and begin walking your days of destiny in victory and leave behind the places of regret, fear, doubt and unbelief. Be who you were created to be...a victorious, overcoming champion!

E - Everyday This is not a one time thing. You don't take two pills and call me in the morning. This is a choice...a daily choice. Everyday you are faced with choices and how you respond to those choices determines what direction you take. This sounds overwhelming...but it really isn't; for you only have to manage this one day at a time, one choice at a time. Here's the good news: You are in control of all them. You choose your thoughts, your actions and your emotions. The key: choose them wisely everyday. Daily choose to win. Daily choose to overcome. Daily choose to make right choices.

There it is, your challenge is set. Are you ready to M.O.V.E. forward from where you are and become all that you were created to be?

Tom Quintrell
Owner at M.O.V.E., LLC
Mastering Obstacles Victoriously Everyday


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