A Daddy’s Love

I remember when I was just three
To the times, I fell and scraped my knee
Thank-you Daddy for reaching out your hand
Wiping away my tears and helping me to stand.

I give thanks to God above
For giving me a Daddy to love

I remember when I first learned to ride a bike
This simple lesson showed me what life is really like
So many times, I fell off you encouraged me to get back on
Teaching me to face my fears by remaining strong.

Your little girl Daddy I will always be
Thank-you for all these happy memories
A Daddy’s love is what you shared
You never failed to show me you cared.

I remember when I was in love the first time
You stood by telling me everything would be fine
Daddy, you will always be my best friend
My love for you will never end.

My Daddy you will always be
You hold a special place in this family
Hand-n-hand we will walk down life’s road
Together we will carry this heavy load

I remember when I had my first born son
The happiness sparkled in your eyes
The love you gave me will live on
It will soar high into the sky.

I give thanks to God above
For giving me a Daddy to love.

Written/copyright: Mary Henderson
Date: June 1993

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