Bobby Brown Gets Engaged – On Stage! : “Whom are we to Judge?”

Remember that rumor about Bobby Brown being dead--not true. The pop singer is very much alive, in love and engaged. Brown popped the question to his manager-girlfriend Alicia Etheridge with (11-month-old son Cassius), while on stage at a concert at Metro Park in Jacksonville, Florida. And the crowd went wild with enthusiasm. [People]

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Blessing to Bobby and Alicia I hope they make it everyone deserves a chance whether it there second, third or even tenth time at happiness so I hope Bobby takes his and proves to himself first and then the rest concerning all the haters whom only remembers all the wrong, bad-boy image and self destructive acts he's done to himself. As for our own Whitney (troubled 15-year marriage) she could have left Bobby long before she did she choose to stay with him... until she got sick and tied of her life of self destruction. She flushed her career not him it's not always the man’s fault they are both to blame for their marriage falling apart, they were toxic together by the choices they made to do unhealthy things. Today’s couples need to find examples of Healthy Relationships and learn from them.
Lets hope they can make their life better, not only for themselves but for their children you as well.
I already know that this article is going to bite me in the rear.... but here’s my stance, until you walk in someone else’s shoes don’t judge. Try living your life through the lens of the paparazzi. Let me say it first this is not men sticking up for each other...I am here to hold us/Men accountable to one another. Chose Life and Live! Do it for yourself and your family! It’s all about choice. Bobby made bad choices in the past let’s hope he makes good choices this time. Glad he chose marriage again and I hope that he chooses to fight hard for his marriage this time. Let’s hope that he chooses to put his bride and his marriage before selfish desires.
Hopefully my view and hopes through my pulling for, writing about and cheering for Mr. Bobby Brown won’t be in vain. Bobby please gives your new stance on life more than two weeks. Bobby please understand that if you do not want it for yourself it’s all for not...Please Bobby Brown bury the Bad-Boy forever and choose Life for live and take care of your responsibility be a king to your queen, not just an father to your children but a Dad and Love Life! Last but not least, find that inner peace in order to fight and soothe the breast within...
You may not be on the side lines cheering or on their band wagon, but when I think about all the mistakes I've done or made in my marriage, if the media knew about them… could I/we handle the comments, or judgments of my/our actions. Right or wrong... How would I react to them? How would anyone react? Judge not but always hold accountable. Bobby best to you and yours….

People may doubt "What You Say", but they will always believe "What You Do"!

Peace & Productivity...

~ Marcus Whyte23 For Healthy Marriages

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