Temptation will always be out there....Yes or No

Temptation will always be out there, whether you look for it, or not. Will you be interested in other men/women after you got married? Chances are "yes, it is likely to happen". Will you regret getting married to him/her at some point? Yes, specially in difficult times. But you've made a choice. When you choose him/her to be your husband/wife you say "this is the man/woman I want to spend my life with, no matter what. I choose him/her and renounce to any other that may appear in my life in the future". Temptations will happen, difficult times will come, and you have to learn how to overcome those and stay faithful to your choices. Most of all, to your promise. No one is saying it is easy, but this is exactly the point: you need to learn how to be strong to full fill your promise to your husband/wife and to God. After you are under the bonds of matrimony you and your husband/wife become one under God's eyes. You are a family now and it is your duty to keep it sacred. It is till death do you part.

It is not easy, but we need to be responsible for our choices. Whoever marry thinking "if it doesn't work we get divorced" should never think about getting married in the first place. Not everybody has a vocation for matrimony.

It breaks my heart to see people throwing in the towel as if the next time it will be easier. It's not okay. Marriage is hard work, but the investment is well worth it.

'What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.'" (Matthew 19:6b)

Thank you for reading...
Marcus Whyte23


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