Happy Birthday BabyGirl ....Sweet 16th

My Babygirl has become of age today...by definition a young person transition from childhood to adulthood. The age at which this transition takes place varies in society, as does the nature of the transition. I remember her first birthday to first steps, talkin and jumpin down a flight of stairs my little dare-devil, she is not afraid to try new things dancin, singin , her poems and short stories are expression of her thought patterns of thinking outside of the box. A heart of gold but can set things correctly if need be...sista-girlfriend "Attitude" classy and not too ghetto LOL! She looks to find good in all people no matter the race,ethnic,nor religion they may be.....she's not naive about her surroundings nor judgmental of others.
My daughter has been speaking Japanese since Pre-school. Her plans are to become an international interpreter for the Government. She is the 3rd baseman and the cleanup hitter for her High School softball team. Her Grade GPA is 3.2...it would be higher if she cut down on the social life and study a little more. That's the proud father coming out of me..Our father/daughter relationship is very important to me due to the fact that father's help our young girl's to become women...yes, they need their mother's love and guidance but the father shows them how to valve themselves and not to settle for less than.
OK...I get so emotional reflecting on how blessed I am to have been trusted by God to father OUR "India".

Love you very much BabyGirl,

Your Father, Dad and Authority figure

PS: I am not your friend...inside joke! Ask India she might like to tell you or not!


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