Hiding Place Doobie Powell The Live DVD)

Sunday 24 July 16 :
Doobie Powell is an anointed artist.
The vocals are transcendental...Pt .1

Hubert "Doobie" Powell III is an independent gospel music artist... son of gospel legend and pioneer Hubert Powell Jr, who is the originator of the term "gospel jazz" has taken his father's legacy to the next level. His sound is unique with a nice blend of funk and neo soul, but staying true to his gospel roots. He has released three independent albums and is the founder of Chip Off The Block Productions, LLC.
1 The Offspring (2002)
2 For The Love Of It All (2003)
3 The Offspring (Volume 1) (2005)
4 4 Zoe (2007)
5 The Time Is Now (2009)


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