It's A New Year 2013.. How about our ACTIONS?

Thanks GentlemanTheory 

Do it for the love, not for the recognition. When they recognize that, the love will be reciprocated, and not fabricated. Don’t look for attention, just pay attention. Forget about who doesn’t like you, remember God loves you. Sometimes when you extend your hand, family will try bite you, and friends will try to drug you. One feels you owe em, the other wants to influence you. Your house could be empty before you realize they’re all using you. Love is selfless, don’t be selfish. Lust in the eyes that keeps us blind. Open your mind, pray from your heart. Expect to be bit, when entertaining the bark. Believe in the Lord thy God, He always finishes what he starts, but first decide that you’re finished so that He can start.

Man has a way that he thinks is right, but Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. Play in the dark, get caught in the traps. The blind will forever lead the blind. Toast together, smoke together, get buried side by side. Everyday another man dies, keep the tears from your momma’s eyes. More hope in God, less expectation in man. Reiteration I know, but do you really understand? Your president is black, but the soul has no color, so regardless of the next man’s voting status, you’re still to love them as your brother. If you lack love, you lack life. When God says move, don’t think twice. Don’t throw shade when trying to shed light. Maturity is measured in your response to your adversary. Forgive everyone for everything, but put nothing past anyone. Who are you to hold a grudge, and in the same breath request not to be judged? Hateful with a desired to be loved. Don’t be that guy, don’t be that girl. A woman should never accept diamonds in exchange for her pearl. Vows and commitment or better, nothing less. Fall victim to the game, possessions will have you possessed. Be careful, not careless.

If you wanna keep it real, live right. Otherwise your definition is tainted, your truths poisoning someone else’s life. Keep it real, that dress is too tight. Way too high for a man not to aim low. Keep it real, you told her you loved her knowing you wanted to treat her like a Jezebel.  Learn the meaning of repercussion, we all reap what we sow. That’s real. Adapt the character of kings and queens, come together as brothers and sisters, honor thy mother and thy father. The gossip, the games, the complaining, the pain, why bother? It’s choice. Stay off the court if you don’t want to get played. Be a man, take care of that woman, go to work, get paid. It’s not rocket science, it’s drive, hustle, ambition, responsibility. Love her, grow old with her, marriage is honorable. Stay clear of temptation, life can become miserable over sex that was phenomenal. Prosper, what’s stopping you? You’re stopping you. God doesn’t put you on a coarse unless He knows you can overcome the obstacles.

It’s not walking by faith if you don’t believe what isn’t in your sights. Times change, morals shouldn’t. Can’t tip-toe in the dark and try to walk in the light. Trying to live right, friends will say you’re wrong. The light shines on that darkness and you discover they were foes all along. Keep your head high, but never poke out your chest. God hates the proud. Tell your friends the truth, or pray. Entertain a lie, and you’ll live one. A little mischief sparks a lot of trouble. The devils weapons are more powerful than man’s biggest gun. Keep your hands to the sky in praise, and your ten toes down. Speak blessings, quit cursing. Every word that leaves your mouth eventually comes back around. 

Don't Blame other people, family & friends for disappointing YOU, Blame yourself for expecting way too much from them....

Be Blessed and Be Encouraged.... 


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