Offer to Help...

“Not tonight Hun, I have a headache.” The dreaded words that every “excited” husband doesn’t want to hear!
I know the moment the “H” word slipped from her lips your mind was filled only with the shattered dream of your evening. Take a moment to regroup and refocus. Yes your sexual hopes might be dashed for the evening, but your wife just told you she is in pain. Take a deep breath and remove your interests from the front of your “mind”.

There are lots of ways that you might be able to help your wife’s headache.
Offer to:
  • Give her a massage 
  • Rub her feet 
  • Draw her a bath 
  • Give her quiet time 
  • Take care of bedtime with the kids 
All of those are appropriate responses when your beloved is in pain. Offer to help her but then don’t help in a way that only seeks to recover your shattered evening. 9 times out of 10 your wife will say no to the massage, even if it would help her headache, because she thinks you will use it to continue your sexual advances. Tell her the offers are totally “unconditional” then stick to it!


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