My Daughter's Senior Prom Weekend... 5/25/2012


A father daughter relationship is one of the most important relationships that a girl can have growing up, and that a man can experience throughout his lifetime. Having a father is the first relationship that a girl has with a male, and therefore is a very life shaping relationship. Without a father daughter relationship a girl is forced to form her own opinion of how a relationship with their male counterparts should be, and this sometimes leads to tragedy. Even sometimes when a father is in his daughter’s life it may affect his daughter’s life negatively. Even so, a woman is able to look back and learn a lot from the father daughter relationship that they had growing up, and many are able to use it to form other relationships with men that will last for the rest of their lifetime. As John Mayer says “Father’s be good to your daughter’s, daughter’s will love like you do.”


Love Much Your Father/Daddy,




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