I'ma Fight Back Right Now

With great pride we present our very first Music Video production “I’ma Fight Back Right Now” from Grammy award-winning Arrested Development front man SPEECH. It’s an amazing song with an amazing message and another example that hip hop can be used for more than nonsense. SPEECH said the song was inspired by the No Wedding No Womb campaign that is today. The focus of the campaign is to fight the high out-of-wedlock birthrate in the African American community. Please take a few minutes to view the video and then consider sharing on all of your social networks. Request it on your local radio stations too. We need positive music like this in the worst way RIGHT NOW!

Available for purchase at http://arresteddevelopmentmusic.com/ad-store/
Inspired by and written for The No Wedding No Womb Movement. Started by Christelyn Karazin, NWNM is primarily a call directed to the black community to take action against the rampant births of children who are born without physical, financial and emotional protection. It is a call for accountability for both MEN and WOMEN to be mindful of the huge responsibility and privilege they have when bringing a child into the world. With 73% black children being born out of wedlock, the issue of out of wedlock children has become big again from an unlikely source.


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