Valentine's Day - What does it ready mean?

We live in a world where people pass judgments without knowing the details. While I admit what the media articulated about Tiger in addition to his own texting, etc., is morally not right. However, a marriage is a vow that you take before God to be together for life in good times and bad. Without a doubt, Tiger disrespected his wife, and that is a hard pill for any woman to swallow, feeling insecure. Even though you hear in the media that Tiger's a dog and it's not Elin, deep down, Elin's in that relationship and I guarantee has wondered, if only for a second, why the man she married, loved, and gave herself to would seek companionship, and so much companionship, outside of the marriage. That said, it's not just Tiger's problem, it is certainly a marital problem that both need to work on resolving. I agree that none of their lives will truly be the same but life is about growth and development. While marriage is a commitment that you make before God and man, only Elin can truly decide if keeping her family together outweighs the embarrassment of being with someone who cheats. Either way, both will be fine.

Love is like crazy glue. It dulls all of our sensibilities. That’s good when love’s good but it’s bad when our sensibilities are needed and necessary. Love allows us to forgive people who in a different life and a different guise, we’d take them out to the parking lot and turn them inside out.

Often, the real nuts and bolts of betrayal doesn't hit us straight away. It creeps up on you and snatches your beating heart out of your chest when you least expect it. Sometimes love over-rides the thought of betrayal, but the day that the thought of being betrayed over-rides love; IT'S ALL OVER!

Trust is a cornerstone of a successful marriage or relationship. In fact, it is the number one predictor of a satisfying union. Once trust is broken, destroyed, or lost, one needs the heart of a tiger to regain it.

Not saying that it can't be done, but Tiger is facing the biggest challenge of his life, if he truly wants to be married.
How ironic is it, that they may be reunited on Valentine's
To all the women who said they would just leave, stop lying. Add in their money & you know you wouldn't go anywhere. Writers are incorrect when they says his life will be as usual & and I agree that hers will never be the same. Are we in their home? NO! His behavior may have less to do with just being able to get sex due to his money & fame & more to do with other issues that finally took their toll. His life will never be the same, believe that. I applaud his wife for wanting to save their family if they can. No one still knows the outcome of all of this. Tiger's getting out of rehab is not the end. It's just the beginning.
Going back to the scene of the crime (being at home together) is first. Every time his phone rings, the tension will be there. They probably won't make love for awhile & have to lead up to getting back to being comfortable with each other. When he's on tour, the questions will be there & the insecurity for her. If he even smiles at any woman, much less more than 1 second, it'll be reported he hasn't changed.
It's far from over for either one of them, but I do believe they probably got married too soon AND she was not totally unaware of what was going on because before she became Mrs. Woods, she was one of those girls, she just happened to be the one he chose for better and for worst.

I am personally pulling for you and your family, if that's what Elin and Tiger wants.

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  1. Excellent picture. Better article written! My two favorite statements would be this one first: "Trust is a cornerstone of a successful marriage or relationship. In fact, it is the number one predictor of a satisfying union. Once trust is broken, destoyed, or lost. One needs the heart of a tiger to regain it". True. True. True. My second favorite is: "Going back to the scene of the crime (being at home together) is first". I believe that to the utmost, and know it will take plenty of time and love to heal the wounds committed. "Love covers a mulititude of sins". Keep doing more of the same, and that is keeping your blog going strong. It is truly "one of a kind", filled with substance. Thank you!


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