Whyte’s Bio

Marcus and Gloria Whyte is a happily committed married unit of more than 22 years. They are the proud parents of 2 teenaged children; Franklin 18 and India 16.
Lifelong residents of Akron, Ohio, the Whyte’s believe that service to others is the center focus of their ministry. Marcus and Gloria are committed to mentoring couples who are looking for assistance in growing and strengthening their relationship.
The Whyte’s bring a strong background of organizational and consulting skills to the table. These skills are influenced from the Whyte’s vast knowledge in the computer operations and the information technologies area.

Marcus and Gloria are the co-owners of G.I.F.T. Transportation Services, L.L.C. – a non emergency ambulatory service for the elderly and disabled members of our community.

We are Facilitator Trainers for Basic Training for couples, this is the joint effort of Dr. Rozario Slack http://www.rozarioslack.com and Nisa Islam Muhammad http://www.weddedblissinc.com. We have joined forces to create African American Marriage Publications, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing materials for the African American community, designed to help our community to form and sustain healthy marriages. "Building & Strengthening Relationships to Change Lives.... http://www.ahealthymarriagenow.org/

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